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Catboat Charters is Martha’s Vineyard’s most intimate sailing charter. We offer private sailing excursions for groups of up to six. Come for a 2 hour cruise through Katama Bay, past the Edgartown Lighthouse, and along the shore of Chappaquiddick towards Cape Pogeā€¦OR come for a 4 hour beach picnic cruise to Cape Poge Bay. Snacks and beverages are included with most charters, and custom orders are available.

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Refinishing the Cockpit

In preparation for the upcoming charter sailing season on Martha’s Vineyard, we are taking time to refinish nearly every surface on the catboat “Nantucket.” Since most of our time out on the water is spent in the cockpit, we thought that would be a good place to start, but this…

Painting the Sail

The signature American flag sail on our Cape Cod style catboat can be seen all over Martha’s Vineyard. In order to achieve these patriotic colors on such a grand scale, much care is taken to precisely paint her stars and stripes. The paint that we use here is an oil-based…