Before We Even Hit The Water

With our 2021 season beginning next month and Captain Kurt working hard to make Tigress look her best to-date, we can’t help but reflect on 2020 and what an incredible season it was! Like a lot of small business owners, we weren’t sure what to expect. We knew what our community was going through. Communities the world over were going through the exact same thing. If we were going to make a success of our season, we had to keep our community in mind. Captain Kurt put on his thinking cap and set to work.

First and foremost, it was extremely important to us to ensure that when our guests stepped aboard Tigress, they felt safe and secure. Of course, this has always been important to us but the rules had changed; therefore, Captain Kurt took on the major project of expanding the seating in Tigress’s cockpit. This made spacing a little easier and even when this is all over, it will just make for a more comfortable sail for all involved. We were really excited to see how it worked out at this time last year and we can now say, it was a great idea! As with most great ideas, we look back and think, “Why didn’t we do this before?” Great work Captain!

Catboat Charters
Captain Kurt and Tigress’s new cockpit configuration!

Also, extra cleaning was required. We added additional times to our schedule between each sail to wipe down all public spaces on board. This added an additional comfort level not only to our guests but for our crew too! The news shows were worrisome last year and we wanted to make sure that we did everything in our power to ensure that when someone stepped aboard our Tigress, they left their worries behind.

Super Hero Sails

As our Captain set sail for the island, he decided that we needed to do one more thing to give back to the community. We began our season with ‘Super Hero Sails’! Anyone who could provide identification as a first responder on the Cape and Islands received a complimentary sail during the first two weeks of our season! We weren’t sure how well the idea would be received but the response was fantastic! We had some terrific groups of nurses, policemen, fire fighters, and ambulance teams aboard! The sails were really appreciated and we were so grateful for the opportunity to give back. Of all of our achievements in 2020, that is the one of which we are most proud. Thank you to everyone who took part!

Catboat Charters Edgartown
A big thank you to all of our first responders!

What Comes Around Sails Around

It was our third President, Thomas Jefferson, who said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get!” and we couldn’t agree more. When Captain Kurt received the call from our good friends at Vineyard Vines saying that they wanted to team up with Catboat Charters to make some of the coolest island wear to-date, we felt like the luckiest people alive! We have always admired Vineyard Vines business model and the success story of Shep and Ian Murray.

Catboat Charters Sunset Sail
Tigress at sunset. Photo credit: Ross Cullington

They are examples of the American dream come true. Their clothes and positive lifestyle brand ‘Every Day Should Feel This Good’ is something everyone can get behind. To be associated with them was—and is—a real feather in our cap. They came up with some terrific designs featuring Tigress—caps, shirts, and pullovers! We loved spotting them out and about on-island. We hope you all grabbed one!

A Very Special Catboat Charters Sail

Okay, we have to back up a bit here. This story starts in 2019. A young couple, Wheeler and Kristin, set sail with us for a sunset sail and it was a beautiful evening. During the sail, Wheeler pulled out a ring and proposed! It was an incredible moment for all of us—she said yes—and one we will never forget. That would have been special enough except…it didn’t end there. As it turned out, that was just the beginning!

Catboat Charters Wedding
Wheeler and Kristin get married!

Unfortunately, due to the situation that affected all of us last season, they had to cancel their Vineyard wedding plans. Undeterred, they called us up and once again we all set sail! This time, for the ceremony itself! We couldn’t have been more honored or more proud! We know that it wasn’t what they had originally planned but Mother Nature cooperated and we think everyone had a truly memorable wedding day.Thank you so much Wheeler and Kristin for including us in both of your special days. We just have one question—what are you doing for your anniversary?

No Captain Is An Island

Captain Kurt works hard on and off season to make Catboat Charters a reality but the truth is that he couldn’t do it alone—not even close. Our 2020 crew met the challenges of the season head on and they were all great! Did you sail with us? Who was your first mate? Last year our crew consisted of Lucy, Danny, Margot, and Maren! Each and every one of them brought something special to the team and we couldn’t be more grateful! We never did get a team photo last season and that’s really disappointing but we’re determined to do it this year with our 2021 team!

Catboat Charters Edgartown
Our Catboat Charters family grows every year!

Most importantly, we need you—our guests. When Captain Kurt decided to do this six years ago, he sailed into Edgartown Harbor with a hand-painted sail and a hand-painted sign that read, “Catboat Charters”. He didn’t know what would come of his dream of turning his passion for sailing into his life’s mission but thanks to you… well, here we are. Every year we make new old friends and welcome back those who are already part of the Catboat Charters family. Chris, Pam, and family, Mark and Caitlin, Sean and Erica, and so many more we can’t even count—thank you. Because of all of you, we are here, sharing our love of Martha’s Vineyard and Catboats! We can’t wait to see you all in 2021.

Keep sailing!