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Cape Cod Life Magazine, July 2019

Vineyard Gazette, The Vine, June 2019

Vineyard Gazette, June 2018

Vineyard Vines- Real Good People

“If you spend the kind of time on the Vineyard we do, you’ve probably seen or heard about the awesome boat with the American flag sail. Kurt runs Catboat Charters, a custom private sailing charter company based in Edgartown. An entrepreneur, an American flag, and a boat? You could say we were fast friends. Like a true entrepreneur, Kurt lived and worked on his boat for years while he got his business going. “I just had a guitar, a few shirts, and some shorts. It was challenging but worthwhile!” -Vineyard Vines 2017

Vogue Magazine

“Book a sunset cruise through Katama Bay, past the Edgartown Lighthouse, and along the shores of Chappaquiddick on a restored antique traditional Cape Cod Catboat with Catboat Charters. The boat’s shallow draft (designed to fish the shallow waters of the Cape and Islands) allows access to places where larger sailboats can’t go.” – Vogue Magazine. August 2018

Forbes Magazine

“Sail at sunset through Katama Bay aboard a restored antique traditional Cape Cod Catboat with Catboat Charters past the iconic Edgartown Lighthouse.” – Forbes. December 2019

Compass and Twine

Crispin Haskins

Unedited Reviews from our TripAdvisor Page

August 12th, 2018    *****

The photos of The Tigress–Captain Kurt Peterson’s boat–do not do it justice–it is much bigger than it looks and the prettiest boat in the harbor! If you are vacillating between Catboat Charters and other Edgartown options for your group of 6 or fewer, stop and book with Catboat Charters today!
My wife and I (in our 50s) and our kids/significant others (in their 20s/30s) had an idyllic day on the water early this August. The boat was gorgeous–commissioned by the New York Yacht Club in 1927–and it is obviously meticulously maintained. Most stunning is its beautiful stars and stripes sail, which Kurt painted by hand on the ground with handmade paint years ago to ensure it could handle the MV weather and winds; it has become so stunningly iconic in the harbor that Kurt smartly now sells merchandise online and on the boat.
We were offered complimentary wine, Yuengling (the United States’ oldest and best beer), water, and cheese and crackers. The two-hour cruise was just the right length, and the cost was more reasonable for a small group than the larger ships with bigger minimums.
Based on the company’s website, Kurt also occasionally plans the guitar, and his sometimes first mate, Elisa, was especially informative and attentive.
The boat was extremely comfortable for the 6 of us and the 2-person crew, we learned a lot about MV and the history of the island, and both Kurt and Elisa were extremely patient with our questions about everything from island celebrities to the physics of sailing into a strong wind.
Earlier that day, we overheard a couple saying how soaked they got on their boat ride with another company the previous day, but we were dry as a bone and very comfortable with Catboat Charters.
I cannot state enough how this is the perfect excursion for your trip to Edgartown–but book early, as when we were leaving and returning to port, a number of people approached Kurt for pricing after seeing how much fun we were having!

July 20th, 2018    *****

We took an afternoon cruise with Captain Kurt and had a wonderful time. The boat was truly beautiful and we all we’re able to relax comfortably and enjoy the sail. The first mate Hailey was delightful and gracious. Captain Kurt was knowledgeable about the area and offered lots of fun facts. This is a must do when you go to Martha’s Vineyard.

July 10th, 2018    *****

We have sailed with Kurt numerous times on Martha’s Vineyard, the experience is delightful is every way. We will be sailing with Kurt Next week. We cannot wait to set sail of Tigress!

July 9th, 2018    *****

We took my parents out last week for a sunset sail and it was amazing. My family has been coming to the island for 102 years and my father has regaled me with his love stories about catboats. But in my 37 years we have never taken a sail together in Edgartown. Capt Kurt did not disappoint and neither did the weather. Great memories made and I will absolutely sail again with them when I return to the island. You won’t go wrong with Catboat Charter.

July 8th, 2018    *****

Went on this amazing catboat today and it didn’t disappoint!!! Worth every penny !!
Beautifully restored old New England catboat with an American flag sail that is just as beautiful as in the pictures !!! Capt kurt made the experience an A+ sailing tour that is so classically New England and perfect that you’d be foolish not to book it today.
The tour takes you around edgartown harbor and out into the sound and off the coast of chappy and it’s the most idyllic views possible. Add to that the fact that you’re sitting in a beautifully restored wooden catboat and with a captn that is also an accomplished musician(yes, he’ll play some tunes for ya if ya ask) and you’re assured an amazing experience!!! Can’t recimmend this tour enough!!!

July 7th, 2018    *****

Had a great 4:15PM sail tonight aboard the American Flag Catboat with Captain Curt and his able first mate. Devan. Ohhhh it could not have been better! Beautiful smooth sail down to Katama Bay and a loop near Edgartown light house. Weather was perfect and the crew was so engaging and fun to chat with. I loved every minute of it and can’t wait to go again. By the way… the boat is a thing of beauty and the captain sailed it sooooooo well. What a great night! Don’t miss this one!

July 7th, 2018    *****

We had a wonderful sail with Kurt and Devon! We enjoyed some mimosas while seeing the beauty of Edgartown and Chappy. They were very professional and personable, and we will definitely be booking again next time on the island!

July 3rd, 2018    *****

We had a great afternoon sail with Captain Kurt and Hailey on June14th. We had scheduled our sail for June 13th, but when the weather forecast deteriorated, Captain Kurt was very accommodating and helped us reschedule for the next day. The weather was perfect, as was our experience that afternoon. Captain Kurt answered all of our questions about the area as we sailed, and Hailey did everything she could to help us enjoy our snacks and drinks. We would definitely book this again when we return to the vineyard.

July 1st, 2018    *****

I sailed with Kurt before–and am delighted to say how much I enjoyed it again.

It was a delight. Kurt is very experienced, and First Mate Hailey is gracious, congenial and skillful. What a combo!

I was just plain nice. The consistency and quality are there, and very much appreciated. I look forward to going again. I hope they make room for me.

July 1st, 2018    *****

Thursday June 26, 2018, my wife,two friends and I set sale with Capt. Kurt and his teammate Hailey.

We were immediately put at ease with an offer of a beverage (beer or water) then Hailey asked, would you like a cheese plate? Almost in unison we said “absolutely”!

Capt. Kurt then gave us the option to Dj our own evening through his portable sound system coupled with Spotify.

Somehow Barry Manilow started off our evening. We transitioned to Marvin’s Gaye and then by popular request (only I asked. Lol) we moved onto the greatest duo EVER Hall& Oates

As we headed back to the dock we ended our evening with Stevie’s Wonders ode to love… “As”.

The evening was amazing. Oh what night.

I highly recommend this experience with friends or as a way to put a spark in your summer.

June 29th, 2018    *****

We took the trip today (6/29) after a reschedule from bad weather yesterday. FANTASTIC trip. We had grandparents, parents & teens and it was amazing. Captain Kurt and Hailey were friendly and professional. What a relaxing and beautiful trip. Do yourself a favor and go on the tour. You will not regret it.

June 24th, 2018    *****

My partner and I did a sunset sail with Kurt and his mate, Hollie! What a dream like experience. Great hospitality and knowledge of the island. We were looking for a calm/quiet experience and our expectations were exceeded. Highly recommend 🙂

That sail, btw, was hand painted by Kurt and his friends. Really a beautiful addition to Martha’s Vineyard.

June 21st, 2018    *****

We had such a great experience sailing today with Catboat Charters! The boat is beautiful and comfortable. We were under sail the entire trip except for pulling in and out. Captain Curt and his brother Ryan (our first mate) offered beverages, snacks, and were very fun to be with. They even entertained us with a musical number. I highly recommend that you take this sail if you’re in Edgartown.

June 11th, 2018    *****

Wow! We had an amazing experience with Catboat Charters on a recent trip to Martha’s Vineyard. We opted for the sunset trip and couldn’t have been happier. Captain Kurt and Haley were extremely warm and welcoming. We had so much fun sailing with them. One of my friends has a gluten allergy and they were kind enough to get only certified GF products for our charter. The boat is gorgeous and the experience was a highlight of our trip.

April 2nd, 2018    *****

I have been going to Martha’s Vineyard for over forty years and I can safely say that sailing with Catboat Charters is my favourite island experience to-date! I had my first sail with them in September of 2016. Now, I wouldn’t dream of going to the Vineyard without booking a sail in advance. I book my hotel, my ferry, and Catboat Charters. Captain Kurt is everything that a New England gentleman should be. Tigress, his 90 year old Catboat, is a beauty. Do yourself a favour—sail with Catboat Charters.

March 22nd, 2018    *****

It was a privilege sailing with Capt. Kurt & Lindsay while on Martha’s Vineyard. The excursion came highly recommended by local friends, and it was a marvelous suggestion. The antique catboat with it’s USA flag sail itself was a wonder to behold as was the great affection and genuine sense of fun, between the Captain and his charming First Mate Lindsay! Pair that with the gorgeous scenery of Edgartown & Chappy, and and it was a winning combination! Their warmth made you feel like friends and the beauty of the area unparalleled. Do make a point to schedule a private sail with this special couple and on the most exquisite, vintage Cape Cod Catboat. A memory of a lifetime that’s a promise.

March 21st, 2018    *****

The whole experience was excellent! Kurt picks you right on the dock right in downtown Edgartown, couldn’t be easier. Sunset was by far the best time to book this trip. The boat was beautiful, truly a piece of handcrafted history. Kurt had excellent knowledge of Martha’s Vineyard. If your looking for a romantic date this is it. In fact the couple that went after us we getting married on the boat! Great choice and worth going more than once.

October 19th, 2017    *****

“On September 25th, 2017, my wife and I were Shanghaied, or rather transported, by a sturdy catboat, the Tigress. The crew included her captain, Kurt Peterson; and a knockout first mate, Lindsay. It happened on Martha’s Vineyard, down at the docks in Edgartown. During a two-hour cruise on the Tigress in and around Edgartown Harbor, we were treated to the best features of the earlier age of sail — by a gentle journey on a soft sea around a lovely town. At first glance, the Tigress did not seem impressive; she was only 30 feet long and 12 feet wide. Yet, even though she was almost 100 years old, she was a model of modern design — strictly functional, with no frills and no gimcracky decorations. However, the Tigress did have one outstanding decoration. It was huge, colorful, and striking. It was the image of the American flag painted across the entire width and depth of its single sail. When, standing on the shore, I first saw the Tigress sailing by I was stopped in my tracks and tempted to salute. Still, she was not spartan. The cockpit comfortably seated Kurt, Lindsay, and three couples, and was wide enough for me to stretch my legs. Nor was she difficult to get on and off. At the age of 85, and having both a bad leg and a cranky back, I had wondered if I could board her. I had envisioned having to get down on all fours. That wasn’t necessary. The Tigress had a high gunwale that I grabbed and then, one at a time, swung my legs over. Now, a word about the crew. Kurt bought his first sailboat with his brother when he was 12, has a Coast Guard license to command 50-ton vessels, and looks every inch a mariner. Lindsay, the most gracious ship’s officer I’ve ever met, has the looks to make a farmer smash his plow and run away to sea. As the cruise progressed and the white column of the Edgartown Lighthouse came into view, Lindsay disappeared into the cabin, to reappear minutes later with drinks and trays of multi-grain crackers, cheeses, and grapes. With drinks and crackers in hand, and the Tigress rolling gently, my wife and I chatted pleasantly with Kurt, Lindsay, and the other two couples. As the cruise continued, all the elements of the adventure had their effect: the unhurried momentum; the slight rolling of the boat; the boat’s clean design; the blue sky above; the Stars and Stripes in front — they all conspired to capture my landlubber’s reservations and make me want to stay on the Tigress forever. When the cruise reached its half-way point, Kurt tacked about. We headed now to the southern half of the port, where stately houses dotted the sides of the harbor, and oystermen raised oysters in large, sunken cages. By this time I had really relaxed: legs straight out, hat off, catching the sun’s rays. But more importantly, the voyage had taken me out of myself, catching me up in a reverie of past joys, present sensations, and future hopes. In a vehicle that had moved us forward at about seven miles per hour, I had been transported. The last part of the cruise was equally serene. Kurt lowered the sail, then walked back and pushed a button. The Tigress’ Kubota inboard kicked over and brought us into dock. In another minute or so I was standing on the dock, mentally making plans for next year’s vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. I know one thing: if God is kind to octogenarians, we’ll be back on Captain Kurt’s boat.”

October 9th, 2017    *****

“A great sail with Kurt on his beautiful antique catboat in the waters off Edgartown. A fun experience!!!!”

October 8th, 2017    *****

“This is a must-do when you visit Edgartown. It is a relaxing sail with wine, beer, and light snacks offered, as you take in the beautiful scenery of MV and Chappy. Soft music is playing in the background as Captain Kurt and his lovely mate, Lindsey, answer any questions you may have. You cannot mistake this unique tour for another because this is the one and only sailboat with the beautiful Stars and Stripes sail.”

October 4th, 2017    *****

“My son and I closed out our stay on Martha’s Vineyard sailing aboard the Tigress with Kurt, Lindsay, and a wonderful couple from New York. After some busy days filled with biking, hiking, and sightseeing on the island, this was the perfect way to end our vacation. If you are looking for something serene and peaceful, this tranquil sailing trip along the coast of Chappaquiddick and the Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge is definitely something to consider. The beautifully restored catboat is very comfortable and perfect for conversation as you enjoy the views from both sides of the boat. If you’ve never been on a sailboat, fear not! You won’t get wet, the cushioned seats are slightly below deck allowing you to sit back and enjoy your drink and snacks, and Kurt and Lindsay take care of everything. You can’t visit the island without enjoying the view from the sea. Thanks, Kurt and Lindsay for a wonderful experience.”

September 16th, 2017     *****

“We took the sunset Cruise with Captain Kurt. It was a beautiful evening, we learned about this beautiful antique Catboat, the Tigress as well as some history of Edgartown and Martha’s Vineyard. His mate served us snacks and wine, while we enjoyed the beautiful sunset. We highly recommend this cruise to anyone visiting Martha’s Vineyard! Was one of the highlights of our visit!”

September 14th, 2017      ***** 

“This was one of my favorite experiences while on vacation to Martha’s Vineyard we had a outstanding time enjoying the beautiful scenery, peaceful sea, and listening to the great stories and beautiful singing of Kurt! There were wonderful snacks along the ride and if you got a bit chilly Kurt would bring out a extra soft new clean blanket for you to bundle up in. The whole experience was outstanding and would 100% recommend to anyone visiting the Vineyard.”

September 4th, 2017     *****

“I highly recommend a sail aboard Catboat Charter’s Tigress while on Martha’s Vineyard, as it was the highlight of my recent trip there. The boat itself is classic and beautifully restored. The US Flag sail is particularly impressive, because it was personally painted by Captain Kurt himself. The two hour sail on the breathtaking waters surrounding Edgartown and Chappy was just wonderful. Thank you Capt. Kurt and first mate Lindsay for the impressive array of refreshments and a most memorable afternoon!”

August 29th, 2017     ***** 

“We enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon sailing aboard the Captain’s iconic cat boat. Kurt and his crew aim to make this a totally relaxed, hassle-free and safe adventure for all aboard. We were told Kurt is quite a local celebrity, known for his unique boat and kind heart. The word on the street is dead on! Thanks Captain for a great sail!”

August 23rd, 2017     ***** 

“Summer 2017 – During a recent visit to Martha’s Vineyard, we had a relaxing afternoon sail with friends aboard the Catboat Charters beautifully restored wooden catboat, “Tigress”.
Captain Kurt expertly manned the sails while his first mate, Lindsay, served us wine and refreshments. They were both professional and excellent hosts, answering our questions about the island and making sure we thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon on the “Tigress”.
The best part of the day, it’s hard to say…. the spectacular scenery, the calmness of sailing, and a sunny day were intoxicating. It was great to have the opportunity to view the Vineyard from such a beautiful, historic sailboat, too. Not to mention, the kind hospitality of Capt. Kurt and his first mate, Lindsay was unbeatable.
We look forward to our next visit to the Vineyard and another sail on the “Tigress”. Thanks for everything, Capt. Kurt, and Lindsay.”

July 30th, 2017      *****

“Booked a private 2 hour harbor cruise with Captain Kurt and first mate Lindsey and had a wonderful experience. My husband and I took my young adult daughter and her 3 friends and we all had a pleasant time. Crew is knowledgeable and friendly and we felt like we were in the best of hands. The day was calm and a bit overcast but the sail was nice just the same and seeing the harbor and beautiful homes you cannot see from the road like this was a treat. Kurt was easy to work with and the two of them are most hospitable.”

July 27th, 2017      ***** 

“We had an amazing two hour sail through Edgartown Harbor with Kurt and Sarah. It was the perfect way to relax and see a different view of Edgartown and Chappy. Kurt and Sarah created a comfortable and safe atmosphere which made it a perfect family experience. We will definitely plan another sail with them during our next trip out to the vineyard.”

July 27th, 2017     ***** 

“I Surprised the wife with a private rental of this beautiful Sailboat. Kurt(Da’ Captain) and his 1st mate entertained us for a memorable two hours. We ventured up to containment bay and back to open ocean. We went around noon time and the weather was sunny and clear. So all the sites looked like perfect oil paintings as we passed by them…Well worth it. I highly recommend them.. We were on the Island for a week and nothing else compared to them. Go and Enjoy “

July 24th, 2017     ***** 

“Thank you Kurt & Lindsay for an amazing wedding aboard the Tigress! Kurt officiated and Lindsay photographed and it was exactly the meaningful experience we had hoped! Thank you!”

July 23rd, 2017     *****

“We had an amazing time with Kurt and Lindsay while we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Would highly recommend spending time sailing with these two! Kurt is a very capable captain, and Lindsay is a wonderful first mate. We enjoyed the sail and the company. Don’t miss out!”

June 23rd, 2017      ***** 

“We had a lovely sailing experience with Kurt and Sarah yesterday. They were both pleasant and interesting with good information about the area. The scenery was beautiful”

June 16th, 2017      ***** 

“Catboat charter is the best !
I felt at home the moment a boarded the boat , we were warmly greeted by the captain and his 2nd in command with champagne and cheese & crackers .
The sailing was smooth and atmosphere on board unforgettable .
Both of our hosts grabbed their guitar and sang for us , their talents were beyond anything I could ever imagine .
I highly recommend Catboat , an adventure you will never forget !”

June 16th, 2017      ***** 

“This was AMAZING!! We didn’t even have a clear night and yet it was just so magical, so perfect. We had glassy water, a smooth sail across the Bay and then past Chappy. Great views of everything!! Captain Kurt is professional, polite, punctual, and in total command of the vessel. The cheese and cracker plate was replenished regularly and the champagne was flowing! Sarah, his summer assistant is so friendly and fun! I have to mention the serenading we received by both Kurt and Sarah, who took turns singing (original soul-searcher and a bluesy number!!) and playing guitar. It could not have been better. Just perfect. I didn’t even mention how comfortable the boat is, roomy, and smooth sailing. We were a party of 6 (the max) and did not feel cramped or crowded. DON’T MISS CATBOAT!!”

May 31st, 2017     ***** 

“Had the most stunning views of the sunset over the harbor. Kurt & Lindsey were great hosts and made it a comfortable/beautiful experience.”

October 12th, 2016      *****

“Upon the recommendation of our hotel concierge Darlene, we enjoyed a two hour sail aboard Capt. Kurt’s vintage catboat the Tigress. This was a fantastic experience ! The boat is historic and very special with her USA flag sail. The Capt. spoiled us with wine and refreshments and the scenery was spectacular. Highly recommend this sailing experience to anyone visiting the area that is interested in seeing Martha’s Vineyard and Chappy from the water.”

October 8th, 2016      ***** 

“The last day of our Martha’s Vineyards girls trip was just perfect …thanks to a decision to go out on the Tigress! Though we had waited until the last minute to book this trip, Captain Kurt was very flexible and easy to work with to fit into a workable schedule for all. Capt Kurt and 1st mate Carly were very accommodating, providing us with snacks and offering historical info about the area. The boat was nice, clean & very comfortable. It was a very smooth and relaxing two hour adventure … Perfect end to a fun vacation!!! Highly recommend!!!”

October 7th, 2016      ***** 

“Curt and Carly were amazing tour guides! Best views of MV and Chappy. Wine and guitar serenade made our first night in MV one we will never forget!!”

October 7th, 2016      ***** 

“Brought my wife to celebrate our 20th on the island. Loved it all but Captain Kurt dialed up the perfect weather for our late afternoon sail out to Cape Pogue lighthouse. Kurt and first mate Darlene provided refreshments and gave great info on the history of the area. To top it off, sun setting over Katama Bay, he breaks out the guitar and sings a couple of beach songs. At the end Darlene even pulled some strings to get us a nice dinner reservation for the next night. Great boat. Greater people. Unexpected highlight of our stay at the Vineyard!”

September 28th, 2016      ***** 

“I have been going to Martha’s Vineyard for forty years. I see her as an old friend. I always try to see something new when I visit—something that is getting harder and harder to do as the years go on. Captain Kurt Peterson, Catboat Charters, and first mate Jessie were able to give me a whole new perspective on my favourite place in the world. A sunset cruise with Catboat Charters is a memory that anyone and everyone wouldl cherish forever. I did this one—my first of many to be sure—with friends. I can see doing it with bridal (I have a friend getting married next year—who doesn’t?) parties, family, and co-workers. I cannot recommend it enough. The next time you hit Martha’s Vineyard, book a tour with Catboat Charters!”

September 9th, 2016      ***** 

“My husband and I had an awesome sunset sail. Kurt & Jessie were great and made the experience really enjoyable. It was a great way to spend our last night in Martha’s Vineyard and we would highly recommend them!”

September 4th, 2016      ***** 

“Perfect way to cap off a trip to the Vineyard. It was intimate, peaceful and fun, and provided a great vantage point of the island that you just can’t get on land. Kurt and Jesse were wonderful — professional but warm and friendly — and the snacks/wine was an added bonus (you could also bring your own). We had considered signing up with one of the other larger tour operators initially but SO glad we went with Catboat Charters instead. Absolutely loved it – highly recommended!!”

September 3rd, 2016      ***** 

“The perfect end to a week in the Vineyard – the sunset sail with Kurt and Jesse was an absolute privilege! MUST DO activity!”

August 26th, 2016       ***** 

“Catboat charters was a greatwaynto spend an afternoon. Captain Curt and Jesse provided a memorable sail. We will definitely be repeat sailors!”

August 25th, 2016      ***** 

“We’ve had a home on the Vineyard for 18 years and have done other siteseeing charters, fishing charters and the tag along harbor rides. Today we chartered Catboat Charters for a 2 hour sail. It was an amazing experience. Kurt and Jess were both really personable and knowledgeable…..just great people. One revealing remark was Kurt commenting that, “99% of the people who come for a ride are absolutely awesome”. This tells me that Kurt loves what he does, is great at it, and his customers leave totally satisfied. I am 100% confident that you will have the same experience we had today!!”

August 18th, 2016     *****

“Kurt’s easy and professional; passionate about sailing and has a quick smile coupled with a dry, literal, hilarious demeanor. First mate Jessie is so gracious. They’re a great team. They give you the experience you want. Fresh fruit, crackers and beer/wine. Rate is reasonable. The boat is beautiful. People in the bay were waving and taking pictures just because of the sail. Nothing like it. Smooth ride suitable for anyone. We traveled during the day which was nice, but I would go at sunset if I did it again. We caught the 23 bus from Oak Bluffs to Edgartown. Walked a few blocks to the dock. It all began on time. Wonderful.”

August 1st, 2016       *****

“I sailed with Kurt and Jessie on 7/19 for the sunset cruise and it was fabulous. Kurt and Jessie are wonderful and very personable. It was a beautiful sunset – courtesy of Jessie she said!! Being on a smaller boat was incredible – great views and great conversation. Don’t miss this experience. I’ll definitely do this again.”

July 31st, 2016      ***** 

“The guys took us for a sail in June 2016. They were very friendly and knowledgeable. They left out of Edgartown Harbor in a meticulous restored sailboat – and provided snacks and drinks. Nice Time !!”

July 27th, 2016      *****

“Before our trip to Martha’s Vineyard, my 3 sisters and I decided we wanted to sail on our last evening there. Since none of us had ever sailed, we really didn’t know what to ask. I called and spoke to Kurt and that sold me! He was so helpful and nice that we booked his charter right away. We had to text a few times to iron out some changes in our plans, but he was very accommodating. The boat was beautiful and just the perfect size for the intimate atmosphere we were looking for. Kurt and his first mate, Jessi, were fun and made us feel right at home. Kurt taught us about sailing. We were also treated to wine and cheese, along with a beautiful, acoustic serenade from Kurt. This was truly an experience I will never forget.”

July 20th, 2016      ***** 

“Went aboard this awesome vessel two weekends ago. Communication between owner and myself was great. It was my and my wife’s first time sailing. My wife gets seasick looking at a glass of water. That said, the owner (Kurt) assured me that we would only be sailing in the Bay and that the trip would be smooth. He proved to be correct. A great sail it was! The best two hours spent on our first visit to the Vineyard. Rest assured….. we will return and sail with Catboat Charters again. Hopefully sooner than later!!!!!”

July 20th, 2016      ***** 

“Wonderful way to do a quick and personal tour of shores of Edgartown and Katama Bay. Kurt and Jessie our hosts were fun and informative. We loved the boat and its history. We were on a sunset sail with mostly cloudy conditions and the view was still stunning. There are plenty of larger boat tours out there, but if you want a private sail, this is the way to go.”

July 18th, 2016″      ***** 

Our family couldn’t have been happier with our morning sail with Kurt and his first mate Jesse. It was the perfect experience for our family. Kurt and Jesse did an amazing job entertaining our almost 3 year old son. They couldn’t have been more pleasant and knowledgeable about boating and the islands. Definitely doing this again next year and HIGHLY recommend it.
Loved the American Flag Sail!”

July 4th, 2016      ***** 

“Captain Kurt and his first mate Jessie were amazing!!! They were very attentive, and showed us some cool things about sailing, but also was an amazing time to relax with my sisters. Captain Kurt serenaded us while steering around the harbor. We had great conversation and great laughs! Highly recommend!”

June 25th, 2016      ***** 

“I have been coming to the Vineyard for years. This was a real treat. We sailed in the Inner Harbor in Edgartown. I wanted to see the oyster cultivation and the houses on the shore and Chappy side too, and Kurt obliged. We then went out and sailed along the Chappy coast (my request), although Nantucket Sound is the usual sail (and more exciting for most people). Kurt and his First Mate are personable, knowledgeable and eager to please, including a selection of cheese, crackers–and cold fruit, wine, beer, soda and bottled water. YAY!”

June 19th, 2016       *****

“This was such a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Kurt is a seasoned sailor who is also an incredibly talented musician. He serenaded us on his guitar to Dylan and it was magical. His first mate Jessie is adorable and makes sure that your drink is never empty. I highly recommend this quintessential MArthas Vineyard experience. A must do!”

June 2nd, 2016       ***** 

“We had a great time as a family on Captain Kurt’s beautiful American flag sailboat! He and his first mate, Fiona, were great with our kids, teaching them the basics of steering and letting them sail the boat. It was a beautiful family time on the water. I highly recommend Catboat Charters for making memories with the family, a romantic evening, or even a girls/guys night out. A wonderful way to experience Martha’s Vineyard!”

May 25th, 2016      ***** 

“If I could recommend one activity on Martha’s Vineyard, this would be it! I did the sunset cruise around Edgartown Harbor. Kurt and Dave were fabulous captains. The boat was beautiful, the water was peaceful, and the sunset was stunning – it was a truly perfect evening.”

April 3rd, 2016       ***** 

“I had the best experience aboard the beautiful Nantucket. Captain Kurt is a really cool guy and a very skilled sailor. We sailed around Martha’s Vineyard and Kurt would stop anywhere along shore if we wanted to hop off and go for a swim. Kurt was very knowledgable of the area and had a lot of fun suggestions for our trip. I would highly recommend going out for a sail and I plan on another afternoon sail when I return to the island this year.”

March 31st, 2016      ***** 

“We did a lot of different things on the vineyard .This was the best. The sail was at least two hours probably longer. We sailed down into katama all the way to the oyster farms. Back to Edgartown .Then past the light house and then sailed along the coast of Chappy towards open water. Snacks and drinks were included. You could bring your own. Captain Kurt was very polite and informative as to what was on shore and in the water. We had five in or party and had the boat all to ourselves. Great Trip.”

March 29th, 2016       ***** 

“We enjoyed a Sunset cruise before having dinner in Edgartown. Captain Kurt gave us a beautiful tour of the homes and ships docked in the harbor. Great appetizers and wine was a perfect start to a beautiful summer evening.”

March 28th, 2016       ***** 

“My friends and I went on catboat charters in August! We spent the day sailing around Martha’s Vineyard – the Captain, Kurt, took us to all these amazing and secluded spots around the island! We stopped for snorkeling and a swim in a beautiful spot off Chappy and returned to the boat to enjoy champagne and a tasty assortment of cheese and crackers! His first mate, Holly, did a wonderful job and took a bunch of amazing pictures! They were both extremely knowledgeable about the Island, teaching us about the history, culture, marine life, and all the places we were sailing by. The boat is absolutely beautiful and it was clear the captain was a skilled and experienced sailor. For someone that has been on a lot of charters, I can say that hands down this has been my favorite. It was the highlight of our summer and we fully plan on returning next summer for a day charter and also a sunset charter! Thank you so much to Kurt and Holly for their amazing hospitality and a perfect day on the water!”

March 24th, 2016       ***** 

“My family and I took this charter out of Edgartown harbor for an afternoon sail and it was the highlight of our Vineyard trip. The skipper Kurt is the perfect host with his great knowledge of sailing and his familiarity of the Vineyard waters. Lifejackets and refreshments are all supplied.”