The Summer Of 2019…So Far

We hit the waters this summer with high expectations and even higher hopes. Since we began Catboat Charters, back in 2015, each season has been better than the one that preceded it. It seems that every October, we wrap things up, shake our heads, and say to ourselves, “There is no way we will be […]

2020 Catboat Charters Reflections

Before We Even Hit The Water With our 2021 season beginning next month and Captain Kurt working hard to make Tigress look her best to-date, we can’t help but reflect on 2020 and what an incredible season it was! Like a lot of small business owners, we weren’t sure what to expect. We knew what […]

Point Of Sail

This off-season, Captain Kurt joined the team at Squeteague Sailmakers. We sat down to ask Kurt a few questions…

2018—My, She Was Yar…

When you speak of a sailboat, you hope to hear that she is agile, quick to the helm, and easily manoeuvred. In a word, you hope that she is ‘yar’. Yar is everything that a sailboat should be. When we think back on 2018, it was not a year that was necessarily, easy, agile, or […]

Start Spreading The News…

Sunday, November fourth, was a perfect Cape Cod day. The sun was shining, there was a good wind, and it wasn’t too cold. In the eyes of Ryan Peterson, it was the perfect day for sailing. In fact, there is no question that sailing is what he would have decided to do on any November […]

A Very Special Sail

Photo: Captain Kurt Peterson and Chris Wedholm Last night, shortly after six p.m., Captain Kurt and Deckhand Haleigh welcomed guests aboard Tigress for a sunset sail. The night was warm, the sky was mostly clear, but streaked with a few clouds, the makings of the kind of sunset for which Martha’s Vineyard is famous. Captain […]

Great Harbor

After Thomas Mayhew purchased Martha’s Vineyard in 1642, his son, Thomas Mayhew Jr set out to begin a colony of families in what was then known as Great Harbor. Little did they know just how great a harbor she would become… In 1671, the three-year-old son of King James II of England passed away. Great […]

Three Equal Parts

Catboat Charters sees itself in the unique position of being able to offer a vacation experience made up of three equal parts. The first part, and probably the most obvious one, is our Tigress. Tigress is a 91 year old, 30 foot, wooden Catboat and that alone makes her a fairly singular experience even in […]

Why a Catboat?

So, Why A Catboat?   There are many different types of sailboats and they are defined by three distinct characteristics: hull type, keel type, and mast/sail configuration. The most traditional and common hull type on a sailboat is a monohull—a single hull. The other two, catamarans and trimarans, have great advantages in speed which makes […]