We learned a long time ago that it takes the support of friends and family to accomplish anything truly great, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people responsible for getting Catboat Charters where it is today. We wrapped up our fifth season almost two months ago and, unbelievably, once again it was our best one to-date! Just when we think things can’t get better, when we think we couldn’t possibly get any luckier, our Martha’s Vineyard community surprises us.

Best Of The Vineyard

Our season started with Best Of The Vineyard. We won in 2018 and we are thrilled to say that we won again this year. That put wind in our sails! We couldn’t possibly imagine a better way to start the season! Captain Kurt and the rest of our team were so grateful and the celebration itself was a wonderful evening. We were surrounded by friends and family which is exactly how we like it.

Tigress Flying Her New Sail

When Tigress hit the water this season, she looked better than she ever has. Captain Kurt was a busy man all winter! He outfitted her with a new boom, a new mast, and a brand new sail! For the first time, Tigress flew a properly stitched sail this season! The Captain spent much of his winter learning the art of sail-making at Squeteague Sailmakers. The new sail positively glowed! It’s bigger too! For the first time, all fifty stars are on our sail and all thirteen stripes. New cushions, new paint, and Tigress cut through Edgartown Harbor with pride.

Captain Kurt Peterson
photo: Marie Hunt

Kurt and Tigress hadn’t been in the water long this season when they were written up in the Vineyard Gazette! Being featured in our local paper with the impeccable global reputation is a real thrill. Thank you to everyone at The Gazette for all of your hard work. We love The Gazette both on paper and on-line!

First Mate Haleigh
photo: Marie Hunt

We know what you’re thinking, that’s enough—we thought so too—but then Cape Cod Life Magazine did an eight page feature on our Captain and Tigress! Being featured in a prestigious national magazine  like Cape Cod Life was a truly humbling experience. we couldn’t be more grateful. If you missed the article—Captain Kurt’s Mom bought a lot of  copies—click HERE to read it! They did a spectacular job! Thank you so much Cape Cod Life!

Sean, Joanne, Erica, and Ken always put a smile on our faces!

So, where does that leave us? That leaves us at the most important part—you. This season, more than any other, we saw the repeat patronage of so many members of the Catboat Charters Family. There’s no question that we love showing a sunset over Edgartown Harbor to fresh new faces. It’s like having kids at your house for Christmas—there’s nothing like it, truly. Having said that, when we welcome familiar faces aboard, and get caught up on the events of the past year, a new understanding of what we do fills our hearts.

The Wedholms are a big part of the Catboat Charters Family

We’re here to sail, to do what we love, and we’re here to do it with friends and family. Catboat Charters is lucky in the respect that our family is constantly growing. We’re continually filling our ranks with people who appreciate us enough to come back for more and it’s overwhelming. We’re so grateful to the likes of Chris Wedholm and his family—Pam, Harley, and Jack. We love seeing Sean Lee, and his crew Erica, Joanne, and Ken—that’s a good time! Marie Hunt has been sailing with us for years and it’s pure joy. She always takes great photos too! Barry McMenimon, his wife Jeanette, and their wee girls always make our July Fourth weekend special. And countless more! 

Tigress 2019

Anyway you look at it, 2019 was indeed our most successful year, but our biggest success we measured our biggest success every time we looked into a smiling face and said, “It’s so great to see you again! Welcome aboard!” This Thanksgiving, that is what we at Catboat Charters are most thankful.

Keep sailing!